Smoked Beef Jerky – 50g


In texas, everything is bigger. The BBQ’s, bigger. The trucks, bigger. The waist lines, bigger. And we’ve gone big on this one. Taking a true Texan recipe for smoked meats, we’ve created our outback version. Made from wood in the bush, we add extra liquid smoke to our Jerky to really give that flavour hit. The smell is intoxicating, that first bite feels like you’ve snorted a line of burnt gum trees (in a good way). With a slight hint of peated whisky in the back (cause why not?), this is a personal favourite. You’ll never have something quite like this.



Liquid smoke is a super difficult way to condense that black smoke coming from wood. While yes, it ain’t the number 1 ingredient on super health foods, the amount used in our Jerky won’t cause any harm (unless you eat 4kg at once, looking at you Todd.). This does have a little added sugar, so isn’t our first pick for our health friends (however, it’s still pretty good). But for our campers and foodies, feast your eyes. Perfect on burgers (smoked covered cheese = O-M-G) this Jerky rehydrates super easily.

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